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Licence Emma Hilsdon 20465 South Oxfordshire District Council.                   COOKIES & PRIVACY POLICY  Terms and Conditions



I understand that, while every care will be given to my animals, they are boarded at my own risk.

I give permission for my dogs to be boarded together inside but separated if it becomes necessary, as determined by Archway Kennels.

I give permission for my dogs to socialise outside with other dogs; these dogs will be selected by Archway Kennels (if applicable).

I understand that all animals must be fully up to date with their worming and flea treatment and their vaccinations (certificate to be produced) including kennel cough.  Archway kennels will not be held responsible if a dog contracts kennel cough. I understand that dogs will be turned away if proof of vaccines cannot be provided, with no refund or transfer of the booking deposit.

I authorise Archway Kennels to call a veterinary surgeon and sign for any emergency treatment on my behalf, should it be considered necessary, and I agree to pay any costs incurred.  Archway Kennels accepts no responsibility for loss, injury or death of any animal.  

Archway Kennels is registered with Iffley Vets and I agree for my dog to be treated there, as decided by Archway Kennels, including any preventative treatments, e.g. for parasites. I agree to pay any costs incurred.

Archway Kennels will accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any bowls/bedding/toys left by owner.

I give permission for Archway Kennels to provide their own branded, complete dog food for my dog.

Any medication and special diets can be given to dogs but enough must be provided by owner for entire duration of stay.

Entire males, bitches in season and in whelp are boarded at owner’s own risk. Neutered status must be confirmed upon drop off.

Boarding fees are payable upon drop off of the dog(s) for new customers and upon collection of the dog(s) for existing customers, unless otherwise agreed.  Payable by CASH or CARD.  Archway Kennels does NOT accept cheques.

A non-refundable deposit will be required for bookings.
All deposits will be deducted from the final bill, at the end of the dog's stay, but will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.
A deposit may not be transferred to another booking.

Dogs dropped off later or collected earlier than the booked dates, will be required to pay for the full duration booked.

All dogs are charged for the day of arrival, but not departure day, if collected by 12noon.  All boarding fees are subject to VAT.

Stays on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day are charged at double the normal rate.

Prices are subject to change; quotes given are correct at time of booking.

Dogs accepted/collected during business hours only.  Mon-Sat 9-12noon, 2-5pm.  Sun 9-12noon. (New dogs to arrive between 9-12. Existing customer dogs to arrive before 4pm latest)

Archway Kennels reserves the right to dispose of animals not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date if no communication from the owner is received and if reasonable efforts to contact the owners or their representatives fail and if the boarding bill is not paid in full.