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Archway Kennels supplies its own brand of dog food.  All foods are hypoallergenic and suitable for all breeds, of all ages (puppy and senior food are available too).  It is a complete dry food, so there is no need to add any extras.

Listed below are the most popular flavours and the ones we regularly stock, though other flavours are available on request.

Chicken and Rice £22 - a classic choice and good for sensitive tums.

Garlic and Herb £24 - a tiny niblet with lots of flavour, good for those small dogs
with a selective appetite!

Lamb and Rice £24 - the most popular flavour.

Turkey and Rice £24 - a great chicken alternative!

Salmon and Potato £27 - packed with healthy fish oils!

Duck and Potato £28 - cereal and maize free - great for dogs with allergies!

All bags are 15 kg in weight.

Give us a call to have a chat about your dog's dietary needs or pop in to pick up a leaflet.

We also stock a range of natural treats and chews for your dogs to enjoy whilst they stay here.

Pigs’ ears, roasted bones, rawhides and stag bars – we have something to suit every taste!