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Day care is fast becoming very popular for dog owners.  It's perfect for those dogs who hate being left home alone because they get anxious or bored and that's when the sofa starts to look like a delicious chew toy!

Day care offers a fun, interactive and safe alternative to eating the carpets in your house.  It is fantastic for the socialisation of puppies and older dogs because they get to meet lots of new faces - both dog and human!  They are in the same routine as the overnight boarders so they get ample exercise and stay in the same large, safe kennel runs.

As we are such a small kennels we have limited availability for day care so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.  At present, day boarders cannot arrive before 8am and ideally need to be collected before 5pm, no later than 5.15pm.

The daily rate is £8 (including VAT).

All day boarders must be fully vaccinated, including the kennel cough vaccine.