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We're a business that greatly cares about the environment and we do what we can to be as green as possible.

To reduce our landfill waste, we make sure that everything possible is recycled: food tins, plastic bags and packaging, cardboard, paper etc.  We also limit our use of poop bags and the ones we do use are biodegradable, as are all our black bin bags, and we have Terracycle boxes to recycle foil packets and pouches.

Our cleaning products are all cruelty free (no animal testing) and all biodegradable, so they do not damage the water systems and environment.

Our Archway Kennels dog food is produced by a company that prides itself on being as self-sustaining as possible.  They recycle all their water and air on site and have a packaging recycling facility on site to reduce their landfill waste.  On their 66 acre lands, they have diverse habitats for the local wildlife including wetlands, grasslands and native shrubs and trees.  For the food itself, they use the freshest ingredients possible to create the best food they can.

We've also installed solar panels to further reduce our carbon footprint.