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Gem’s Pamper Parlour is run by Gemma Robins and located at Archway Kennels in Garsington.  

I have been grooming full time since 2008 and frequently groom everything from a toy poodle to a Newfoundland.  I like to make dogs’ grooming experiences as calm and relaxing as possible; a lot of dogs need brushing, trimming and bathing 3-4 times per year at least, so when they can enjoy their pampering session, all the better!

Their day with me starts with a 10-10.30am drop off and collection is 3.30-4.30pm.  The pace and atmosphere of the day is kept quiet and calm.  Between each grooming stage (initial trim, bathing, drying and finishing) the dogs get a good break to relax, sleep or play.  Occasionally, owners worry about their dog being in all day, as their dog has found grooming stressful in the past, but, with my routine, I’ve found even the most worried dogs become far happier and more restful during their grooming.

You can also see photos of your dog’s day on the Facebook page!

Puppies can come as soon as they’ve been fully vaccinated.  I recommend puppies that will require regular grooming throughout their life come as soon as possible so that grooming is introduced to them early.  Puppy trims include a full brush and a bath and can also include a light trim around their feet, eyes and bottom but we will always discuss dog’s individual requirements upon drop off.

All dogs are fully insured during their time at the parlour.